Heavy Duty Polyurethane – FeRFA Type 5




BASF Mastertop 1324, BASF MasterTop P617, BASF MasterTop BC375N, BASF MasterTop TC442W




5 days

BASF MasterTop 1324 flooring system was specified and installed on this London based construction project, which includes a mix of commercial space, offices and residential.

This FeRFA Type 5 multicomponent, seamless, self-smoothing and heavy-duty polyurethane-based system was used for the protection of the concrete floors; providing enhanced flexibility, excellent impact resistance and also to reduce the risk of cracking due to substrate movement.

Previously installed by others, the original sand and cement substrate required repairs to address issues with cracks that had developed due to shrinkage, these repairs were carried out by TPS360.

The dry, clean, laitance free surface was primed using MasterTop P617 and evenly broadcast with filler F5. A body coat of trowel applied MasterTop BC375N was then installed, and finally finished with a seal coat of MasterTop TC442W.

Other suitable applications include:

  • Exhibition and showrooms
  • Production and assembly halls
  • Pharmaceutical clean rooms
  • Retail and fashion
  • Warehousing
  • Hospital and residential homes
  • Technical areas and plant rooms

Meet our specialist

Gavin Ashcroft

Gavin Ashcroft, our Sales Director for South Wales and West, leads the resin flooring team, bringing vast experience in both resin flooring and hygienic solutions. Gavin has made a huge contribution through his food and beverage industry knowledge and expertise, working with leading food production plants throughout the UK.