Protective Coatings

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At TPS360, we understand the crucial role of protective coatings in safeguarding industrial assets and that industrial coatings are designed for protection as well as aesthetics, representing a long-term saving for your company.

Primary applications of protective coatings include Corrosion and Fire protection. Corrosion gradually deteriorates materials, affecting their structural integrity, appearance, and resistance to liquids and gases and worn or corroded equipment results in performance issues and can create environmental hazards. Fire protection is required to guarantee the integrity of the steel structure providing a time related resistance when subjected to the intense heat caused by fire.

At TPS360, our team is equipped with specialised knowledge of surface preparation and protective coating application as members of the Industrial Coating Applicator Training Scheme (ICATS) and the Institute of Corrosion. We have extensive experience serving diverse industries, including petrochemical, nuclear, rail, infrastructure, new build projects, architectural finishes, storage tanks, bridges, and repair and restoration works.

Trust us to deliver comprehensive solutions that protect and preserve your valuable infrastructure.

Corrosion Protection

Across various industries, including industrial, commercial, and architectural sectors, we provide a wide range of coating solutions designed to safeguard your assets. Our solutions go beyond traditional definitions, offering not only enhanced protection but also decorative and functional properties that meet your unique requirements.

Corrosion protection acts as a formidable defence for your surfaces. They form a physical barrier, effectively isolating the substrate from its surrounding environment. By doing so, they provide robust protection against corrosive elements that can compromise the integrity of your assets.

Our solutions achieve corrosion protection through various mechanisms. They can impede the interaction of elements that initiate the corrosion process, actively inhibit electrochemical reactions, or guide the corrosion process in a manner that minimises harm to your assets. Whatever the specific requirements of your project, we have the expertise and solutions to deliver optimal corrosion protection.

Fire Protection

With our strong partnerships with industry-leading intumescent coating manufacturers, TPS360 is fully prepared to support you in selecting and installing the optimal coating solutions that meet your project needs. Intumescent (fire protective) coatings, commonly known as intumescent paint, serve as passive fire resistance measures in buildings. We specialise in providing fire protection for structural steel, offering a range of options that provide fire resistance for durations ranging from 15 to 120 minutes.

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