Ucrete IF for Recycling Facility






1000 SQM



TPS360 were instructed to provide a hard-wearing finish in the demanding live environment of a recycling facility.

Operated by Viridor, Cardiff Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) is the largest ERF in Wales treating waste from the local authority and local business contracts. The facility, which has been operational since 2014, handles around 350,000 tonnes of residual waste (non-recyclable) waste per year.

The challenge on this particular project was to provide a hard-wearing finish for a demanding and potentially hazardous, live environment where 50 tonne front loaders and other heavy plant equipment are operated. The work also had to be scheduled in such a way that the facility could maintain 24-hour operation without any downtime.

The total size of the resin area was 1,000sqm and the project took three months. The products used were:

  • For the screed – Master Builders MasterEmaco – a fluid fast-setting traffic repair mortar;
  • For the primer – Master Builders Ucrete Primer FS – a heavy duty polyurethane fast slurry primer for Ucrete flooring systems;
  • For the finish – Master Builders Ucrete IF.

Ucrete IF is a unique HD polyurethane resin floor which provides an extremely tough surface for environments subject to extreme impact and abrasion. It features a dense and impervious iron-armoured surface, which provides protection against severe abrasion, making it the ideal floor finish for applications in the waste management, heavy engineering and manufacturing industries and wherever a robust long lived floor is required.