Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust




FeRFA Type 3 Remmers Epoxy Flex PH Remmers MT 100




14 days

The project

TPS360 recently undertook a significant resin flooring project for the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust. This endeavor was a crucial component of the fleet workshop alteration and fit-out initiative.

The solution

Spanning a substantial area of 2450m², the primary product chosen for the task was Remmers Epoxy Flex PH, chosen for its array of impressive properties. Notably, it possesses a static crack- bridging ability which ensures longevity, even under shifting conditions. Furthermore, it’s resilient enough to bear mechanical and chemical loads.

The project’s preparation was divided across two distinct phases. Throughout these phases, TPS360 meticulously addressed the existing day joints, scratching them out using Epoxy Flex PH & Thixo. This crucial step was foundational to ensuring a seamless bond between the resin and the floor beneath. The first phase saw the application of one coat of Remmers Epoxy Flex PH, enhancing the resin’s adherence and performance. This method efficiently eliminated the requirement for a separate priming process before the application of the final coat.

The challenge

However, as is sometimes the case with flooring projects, the team encountered a challenge: oil seeped through the surface in certain areas. TPS360 tackled this issue promptly and effectively by treating the affected zones with Remmers MT 100, ensuring that the final result was of the highest quality.

For safety

Furthermore, to instill order and safety within the workshop, TPS360 incorporated 364m2 of line markings. These markings, critical for the day-to-day operations of the workshop, delineate vehicle bays and walkways. They act as a visual guide, ensuring organised movement and reducing the risk of accidents.