What have TPS360 been up to up the M5?  

16 August, 2023

Since establishing TPS360 back in 2008 in Caerphilly and opening our operation in Tamworth in 2019, the company has expanded even further and in recent months we have relocated to larger premises in Tamworth. It’s an exciting time for the business as having a larger, centrally located base allows us to further extend our reach across the country, servicing projects based in central England as well as regions in the north and east of the UK, with higher efficiency.  

TPS360 are the expert when it comes to resin and polished concrete flooring for a wide range of contractor and end-client needs. One of the best examples of our work from the Tamworth office was the recent work done for Birmingham University at the STEAMhouse. This is a unique project housing a community of entrepreneurs, enterprises, creatives and academics generating new solutions to tomorrow’s problems. It’s a place where new ideas become reality through “STEAM” thinking, combined with support from strategic networks, supporting the development of innovation and growth across businesses.  

The STEAMhouse is housed in a building that was once a factory and had at one time made bicycles and other times linen clothing, bedsteads and pianos. Sadly, it had stood derelict in Birmingham’s Eastside since being gutted by a fire in 2007, but then the university took it on and plans were undertaken to renovate the building. To best serve the needs of the occupants, the flooring was one of the major considerations to create a stunning new centre of operations. The 121-year-old factory underwent extensive redevelopment to house collaborative community and business growth activities including traditional STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and maths) as well as the arts – or STEAM. 

TPS360 used TRU® PC for the flooring of the STEAMhouse, which is a popular choice for schools. It is a high-flow, hydraulic cement-based topping that can be ground and polished to expose the aggregate and simulate polished concrete. Its low polymer content and dense matrix help achieve one of the best features of the floor, namely its outstanding clarity and gloss. The beautifully polished finish, as you can see, provides the floor’s superior light reflectivity and this helped to turn this historic building into a modern, state-of-the-art creative and office space. The work we undertook for the university is a great source of pride for the TPS360 team in Tamworth and is just one of many installations that we have done for our emergency services.  

This kind of flooring can be cleaned quickly and efficiently with steam cleaners, bringing the floor back up to its brilliant best. However, it’s not just universities and schools that TRU® PC is suitable for. The team in Tamworth are also looking to help airports, warehouses, restaurants, lobbies and retail outlets located in the East Midlands and wider area.  

The office relocation in Tamworth has been a really wise move for us as it is allowing us to expand our already growing operations more easily in the East Midlands, Central England and the North of the UK. Being in such a central location Tamworth offers the best opportunities for TPS360 to utilise the nearby road networks. The M42 is adjacent to the offices, and this then leads onto the M6 and M1 for the North and the M40 to London and Southeast. The M5 connection to the M42 allows for quick access back to the South Wales head office heartland and the Southwest.  

Initially, choosing Tamworth as a base for expanding operations was a simple choice for Mark Jackson, the company’s regional sales director for the area as part of the company’s wider plan to expand and service other regional areas to become one, if not the most important resin and polished concrete flooring companies with UK based operations. Mark is the best fit for the role as the company views him as one of the leading authorities on the preparation of surfaces for resin and polished concrete flooring. He has been a prominent player in the industry for twenty-plus years and his knowledge of the work is unsurpassed. With his guidance and leadership, Mark has helped to steer the company through difficulties such as COVID and been able to deliver on many larger contracts and he has a lot of vision for the offices in Tamworth. As with TPS360 as a whole, the view is that the offices will provide storage space for materials for jobs along with a workshop to train and work in new technologies as they evolve in the world of resin and polished concrete flooring. There will also be meeting rooms and an environment that will allow the TPS360 staff the chance to better interact and service the needs of the many stakeholders they work with within the area and beyond, such as contractors and architects of projects and facilitate the continued care of existing clients and potential new business. There are also plans to have an on-site gym for staff, as at the home office in Caerphilly.  

This exciting phase of TPS360’s expansion will mean that there are plans to increase the workforce of the business in the Tamworth area. The operation will require people at all levels of employment, including workshop and yard operatives all based onsite and administration roles to deal with the influx of work. The company is also committed to offering apprenticeships to young people to make a start in this highly specialised trade. 

If you are a contractor looking for resin or polished concrete flooring or surface protection delivered to you by a reliable team with unparalleled experience and expertise please do get in touch! 

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