Celebrating woman at TPS360

3 August, 2023

Last but not least, we present to you Lauren!
Lauren is a woman of boundless energy, vibrant spirit, and relentless determination, who began her journey with TPS360 in May of 2022. Initially stepping into the role of administration assistant, she served as the backbone of our operations, ensuring every cog in our machinery was functioning flawlessly. Her duties, diverse as they were, spanned from tracking and maintaining company vehicles, the company’s purchase ledger, organising accommodation for traveling employees and assisting other departments with day-to-day administrative duties. 
But as the adage goes, still waters run deep. Beneath her administrative prowess, Lauren harboured a thirst for hands-on experience, yearning for the thrill and satisfaction of creating something tangible. So, as the Christmas holiday season of 2022 approached, she made an audacious move that took us all by surprise. Trading her office desk for the thrill of the construction site, she transitioned into a labourer role at TPS360 and enthusiastically enrolled as an apprentice with FeRFA. Talk about shaking things up!
Life on the site has been a rewarding journey for Lauren, and we share her eagerness for the expertise and experience she’s set to garner. But Lauren isn’t just about work. An active gym-goer, she offsets her exercise regimen with a guilty pleasure – indulging in M&S Percy pigs on the drive back home. Beyond her taste for sweets, she’s a storehouse of fascinating facts, thought-provoking questions, and a touch of good-natured humour. Her love for scenic walks with her dog matches only her love for dance, party, and the infectious energy of a music festival.
We’re beyond proud to have Lauren, an epitome of grit and resilience, champion the cause of women in construction here at TPS360. Her work ethic inspires us all, and her dedication, evidenced by her late nights, early mornings, and unwavering commitment in between, is truly commendable.
Lauren Watson, a woman who’s made us all ponder, “Does a cow know a penguin exists?” Her spirit, curiosity, and tenacity are proof that not only does she know they exist, but she’s also ready to change the world, one floor at a time.
Join us in celebrating Lauren’s remarkable achievements and recognising her incredible impact in the flooring industry.

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