3 August, 2023

Let’s give a big warm welcome to our incredible resin flooring subcontractor Ferne Samuel.

Since joining TPS360 in February 2023, Ferne has consistently impressed us with her dedication, commitment, and exceptional work. She not only meets our expectations but consistently exceeds them. Ferne truly embodies the spirit of excellence!

Ferne thrives under pressure. She always strives for greatness and has an insatiable appetite for learning. We’re thrilled to see her passion and enthusiasm as she takes on the challenge of mastering the art of polished concrete. Currently, she’s undergoing training in concrete polishing and loving every moment of it!

In addition to her flooring expertise, Ferne also excels as a supervisor. Her strong communication skills keep our team coordinated and connected. Her reports are always clear, concise, and contain all the necessary information. She’s a true pro!

Academically, Ferne’s achievements are impressive. She holds a degree in sport studies and a master’s in sport business management. Talk about a well-rounded professional!

Before embarking on her career in the construction industry, Ferne even taught reception class in a primary school, adding valuable experiences to her skill set.

Ferne is not just an expert in flooring, she is also a basketball superstar! Representing England on two separate occasions, she’s shown us that she’s got skills both on and off the court. What an incredible accomplishment! And, when Ferne isn’t busy transforming floors, she enjoys treating herself to spa retreats and staying active with Pilates sessions. It’s all about self-care and maintaining that balance, right?

Ferne, your consistently exceptional performance is of immense value to TPS360. You contribute to our team’s success in ways that go above and beyond. We can’t thank you enough for your hard work and dedication.

Join us in celebrating Ferne’s remarkable achievements and recognising her incredible impact in the flooring industry.

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