10MM CSA Overlay



Product used

TRU Polished Concrete Overlay




2 Weeks

This educational facility required a terrazzo effect floor finish over a sand and cement base and underfloor heating.

TPS360 specified and installed TRU® PC Polished Concrete which is a high-flow topping that simulates polished concrete after grinding and polishing to expose the aggregate.

TRU® PC is a multipurpose product that is ideal for individual and creative design; for attractive, unique design of prestigious interiors, such as salesrooms, restaurants, foyers, museums, schools, airports and administrative buildings.

TRU® PC contains 0% Portland cement using CSA cement as a replacement, this is not only environmentally a better option but also has 80% less chance of cracking due to its very low shrinkage properties. The product is bonded to the substrate using an Epoxy with quartz scatter, mixed and poured, levelled with a gage rake and then a spike roller is used to remove air. Rapid strength gain is another major benefit reaching 35nm in 24 hours and 48nm in 28 days making it ideal for heavy and high traffic areas.

The benefits of the product include:

  • Very hard-wearing
  • Rapid strength gain
  • Ease of maintenance
  • High light reflectivity
  • Life expectancy 20 years +

Meet our specialist

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson, our Sales Director, has over 30 years experience in polished concrete gained at HTC, SIG, PPC and most recently in the last 3 years, at TPS360.