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18 October, 2023

There is, unfortunately, a persistent shortage of skills and talent in the construction industry as a whole, and the latest report from the Construction Skills Network (CSN) emphasises the pressing need for 225,000 new construction workers by 2027. 

Ironically, despite the critical role played by the construction industry, (and the critical shortage of workers) women account for just 15% of the workforce in the UK. 

The construction industry would appear to still be struggling to close the gender gap. Is it because construction is still perceived by many to be more of a “man’s career”? Indeed, a lot of the sweaty, heavy lifting of construction might not appeal to all women (or men) but equally, you can’t ignore the fact that many roles in the sector could just as easily be performed by women as by men. 

According to the study, there is also an average gender pay gap of 23.8%, (surpassing the overall UK average), and women face significantly lower bonus opportunities and more limited prospects for career progression and promotion than men in the world of construction.

Perhaps women are also being put off by the lack of access to decent maternity schemes and childcare options that would allow them the flexibility to progress their careers in construction whilst growing a family. 

Flexible and remote working is always going to be difficult in construction (for obvious reasons) but happily, for a younger generation of women looking for careers in construction, the opportunities for flexibility and remote work options are increasing. 

Moreover, international NGOs such as NAWIC are also helping to reduce skills gaps and create a more gender-equal workforce, dedicated to the advancement of women in the construction industry, NAWIC supports women throughout their careers. They organise site visits, networking events, socials and industry seminars and provide opportunities for their members to meet other construction professionals and they celebrate and platform women’s accomplishments. This can only serve to inspire the next generation of women into construction-related roles. 

At TPS360, we too are actively seeking to promote the role of women in the industrial and commercial flooring sector and, to achieve this, we provide accessible training programs, paid apprenticeships, and flexible work arrangements to make industrial and commercial flooring more appealing and inclusive. We believe that recruiting highly motivated women and training them to an excellent standard can only drive up standards in our sector and make it a better place for everyone to work. 

You could draw some similarities between the changing world of industrial and commercial flooring and the rise of women in the world of football. Historically, both have been male-dominated but 

the arrival of the fairer sex has brought in a breath of fresh air. In the footballing arena, recent brilliant performances, record audiences and broadcasting deals have caused people to start to take interest in women’s football on a level that has been seldom seen before. 

Last year was the most watched year on TV for domestic women’s sport in the UK for which football accounted 75% in 2022. January to April 2023 was the most watched ever for women’s sports with 20.6 million viewers reached. The number of domestic attendees at matches has increased too, with this year’s FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Manchester United at Wembley setting a new world record for a domestic women’s competition with an attendance of 77,390. 

Interestingly, some of the stars of this new wave of women’s football have been doing their bit to promote women’s cause in general, using their voices to put pressure on the government for girls’ rights to play football and calling out clubs for substandard maternity rights. Leveraging their newfound fame, they are taking a stand against gender inequality and paving the way for the future. 

More and more young women are being encouraged to take part in football, partly thanks to these visible, positive role models. According to a survey of children’s fitness by Sport England, “there are now 100,000 more girls playing football than there were five years ago.” 

At TPS360 we too want to get behind women who are rising to take their place in the world of football. We know how important grassroots sport is and how it unites communities, as well as helping young people build better lives. This is why we are supporting our local Welsh women’s football team as a way of giving back to our local community. 

Coed Duon Women’s FC are definitely on the ball when it comes to pioneering women’s team sport! What makes this team so special is that they are the only stand alone female club in the top two tiers of Welsh football! They are busy proving that having a successful women’s football team is not reliant on being part of a men’s team. 

Over the past couple of years, Coed Duon has made an impressive comeback from a demoralising demotion out of tier two and they have turned the team around. They are now the first of three new names in the Genero Adran South this season, having finished second in the SWWGL Combined division last season, losing only two league matches all year. They were also wildcards in the 2022/23 Genero Adran Trophy. Coed Duon’s tireless work has taken them to a stronger position than ever and their dedication is set to take them up the table. 

Along with their senior side, Coed Duon is looking to the future with a thriving development and U19s side who train together with them. We are all excited to partner with this up-and-coming team and we can’t wait to see what they will achieve in this new season! 

Whilst on the subject of women and achievement, some of our ladies from TPS360 are also proud to have become members of Women in Property’s South Wales branch. Carrie, Helen, Shani, Nicki and Lauren will be attending our first event in November. Why not check them out and join us there?

We would also love to hear from more women interested in a career in resin and polished concrete flooring so please do get in touch with us if this is an area of work that interests you.

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