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8 November, 2023

TPS360 recently announced that Mental Health UK had been chosen as our charity of the year and to show our support teams from our offices gathered together to take part in the 20K Glow Walk in Birmingham. It is important to us that when people are searching ‘flooring companies near me’, they not only find a company that is an expert in its field but one that also gives back to the local community and supports good causes.

Back on the evening of 30th November, the team laced up their trainers, donned their neon glow sticks, and embarked on a radiant 20k Glow Walk. But this was more than just a nighttime adventure – it’s a profound statement that we at TPS360 believe in the importance of mental health support for all and want to shine a light on the issue of poor mental health in the construction industry. The team from the Tamworth office completed this incredible journey and achieved their target donations of £1,000.

“Glow” is not your ordinary stroll in the park; it’s a one-of-a-kind and exhilarating 20-kilometre nighttime adventure that winds its way through the dazzling cityscapes of both London and Birmingham. This is no ordinary walk; it’s a brilliant celebration of World Mental Health Day, designed to shine a light on the importance of mental well-being. As participants journey across the urban landscape, they carry with them an array of vivid glowsticks, casting a colourful and vibrant glow to symbolise hope, support, and unity for the cause, with all proceeds dedicated to benefit Mental Health UK.

In the spirit of “Glow,” participants come prepared with a rainbow of glowsticks that not only light up the night but also light up lives. (symbolically). Each step they take is a step towards a world where mental health is a topic openly discussed and supported. This extraordinary night walk is a journey of unity, resilience, and hope, and it’s a testament to the collective strength of communities working together to create a brighter future for mental health.

The TPS360 team’s mission was to shine a powerful light on the often overshadowed issue of mental health, particularly within the construction industry. It’s a topic that too frequently goes unnoticed amidst the clanging of tools and the hustle of job sites. However, we are determined to change that narrative, to break the silence that shrouds the struggles faced by many in flooring companies and the wider industry.
In an era where mental health awareness is more critical than ever, organisations across the globe are joining forces to support individuals on their journey to better mental well-being. Among them is our charity of the year, Mental Health UK. It is an alliance that unites the heritage and expertise of four prominent charities from across the United Kingdom. With each charity boasting over 50 years of experience in the field of mental health, this collaborative force is dedicated to tackling some of the most pressing challenges that threaten people’s mental well-being.

From financial difficulties to the profound effects of isolation and resilience-building among young people, Mental Health UK has made it their mission to equip individuals with the tools they need to lead their best possible lives. It’s an endeavour that calls for unity, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to the cause. TPS360 is honoured to be a part of this meaningful effort.

In the construction industry, where TPS360 operates, the impact of poor mental health is often overlooked. The unique combination of factors such as high-stress levels, physically demanding work, and relentless deadlines can undoubtedly take a toll on one’s mental well-being. It’s a field where the importance of mental health cannot be overstated, and that’s precisely why we’ve chosen to join hands with Mental Health UK.

This partnership is not merely a symbolic gesture; it’s a pledge to address these challenges head-on. By collaborating with Mental Health UK, we aim to make a tangible difference. We want to provide essential resources and unwavering support to those who need it most. Our goal is to create a work environment that fosters support, understanding, and growth. We’re here to raise awareness, to be a vocal advocate for mental health, and to contribute wholeheartedly to the vital initiatives that Mental Health UK undertakes.

Our goals in this partnership are straightforward yet immensely impactful. We are unwavering in our commitment to creating a work environment that’s not just productive but also supportive, one where mental health is prioritised and nurtured. We are determined to raise awareness about the importance of mental health within the construction industry and beyond. Through our collaboration with Mental Health UK, we aspire to provide the help, education, and resources needed to improve the mental health of our community.

Some of the current statistics around poor mental health are eye-opening.

  • Each week in England, around 6 out of every 100 individuals receive a diagnosis of generalised anxiety disorder, according to Mind, a leading mental health charity.
  • In the United Kingdom, the collective number of people grappling with anxiety disorders at any given point in time surpasses 8 million, according to Mental Health UK.
  • In the UK, approximately 1 out of every 6 adults is currently living with depression, as reported by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
  • Furthermore, research by Streb et al. in 2021 indicates that women are twice as prone to experiencing depression when compared to men.
  • Work-related stress takes the top spot as the leading source of stress, with 79% of individuals indicating that they often encounter it, according to Statistica.
  • More than 1.5 million individuals are currently contending with both financial difficulties and mental health issues, as revealed by the Money and Mental Health organisation.
  • According to the Labour Force Survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there were 17.5 million lost working days in the past year attributed to sickness absences related to mental health issues.

The construction industry is one of strength and resilience, and we want to ensure that by supporting Mental Health UK, we’re helping to build a brighter, more compassionate future where mental health is not just a topic of discussion but a core part of our collective identity. So when you search ‘flooring companies near me’ you will see that we are supporting the charity with a number of events throughout the year, and you will be able to keep up to date with all of them and donate to our causes by following us on social media.

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