Everything you need to know about protective coatings

6 September, 2023

It’s easy to see that the lifespan of any surface is prolonged with some kind of protection. At TPS360, we understand the crucial role of protective coatings in safeguarding industrial assets, as, without some specific protective coating, any surface soon begins to show signs of degradation and wear and tear. This wear and tear can have catastrophic effects in some businesses and industries where protection is needed at all times as the consequences of what could happen if the surface wasn’t protected would be dire. In most industrial and commercial settings, some kind of surface protection is required as a defensive layer to prolong lifespan. 

At TPS360 we have extensive experience providing protective coatings to diverse industries, including petrochemical, nuclear, rail, infrastructure, new build projects, architectural finishes, storage tanks, bridges, and repair and restoration works.  

Why do surfaces need protecting? 

Without protective coatings in place, you will soon see the lifespan of the buildings and equipment that you’re using begin to depreciate that much faster. If a property’s value begins to drop when it is not protected correctly when the time comes to move on to bigger and better things, the equity left behind in that property will be a limiting factor in your choice of new premises.

When considering surfaces that are exposed to the elements, the weather is one of the largest concerns when fabricating a structure since it’s unpredictable, and the different types of weather can affect different materials in different ways. In the same way that we protect ourselves from environmental factors such as wind, rain and extreme cold (frosts and snow) by wearing a coat, we need to consider protecting our structures!  

Protection from rust

Surfaces are negatively impacted by rust when metals are left open to damp conditions and oxidise. Rust is considered to be a particularly dangerous factor with the metal frames that are part of the structural system used in many businesses and properties as it can cause these structures to become weakened and their integrity will be compromised.

Protection from Fire

Unprotected steelwork can reach temperatures of up to 550 degrees Celsius in a matter of minutes due to it being such a good conductor of heat. If it reaches these high temperatures, it loses its structural load-bearing capacity which can cause it to buckle and collapse. Intumescent, or fire-protective coatings, serve as passive fire resistance measures in buildings by providing fire protection for structural steel. At TPS360 we offer a range of options that will provide fire resistance for durations ranging from 15 to 120 minutes.

Protection from corrosion 

Corrosion is another such threat. That’s why TPS360 provide corrosion protection to act as a formidable defence for your surfaces. It forms a physical barrier, effectively isolating the substrate from its surrounding environment and providing robust protection against corrosive elements. Corrosion protection can impede the interaction of elements that initiate the corrosion process, actively inhibit electrochemical reactions, or guide the corrosion process in a manner that minimises harm.  

Chemical Protection  

At TPS360, we have the expertise to provide protective coatings for bunds and safe chemical containment. A bund is essentially a large tray placed under chemical containers or drums, to capture and retain any chemical leaks and protect the surrounding area from contamination. Bunds are required under chemical storage tanks or drum storage areas where chemicals, hazardous substances, and flammable or toxic liquids are held. 

We can help you select and install the correct protective coating for your client, taking into account the type of chemicals and the environment in which they will be stored. 

How can we help you?

At TPS360 we are one of the foremost protective coatings providers in the industry today and we are particularly good at covering all bases! TPS360 are members of the Industrial Coating Applicator Training Scheme (ICATS) and the Institute of Corrosion which means that our staff can work with a high degree of specialism within a wide variety of industries.

We will prepare the surface for the coating so that it is clean and free of foreign contaminants and we always use high-quality protective coatings that offer maximum performance and protection. Usage of cheaper, lower-quality options might seem to be cost-effective initially but unfortunately, further down the line, this can result in costly repairs and additional maintenance. 

We will always go one step further and set a standard of excellence both in our operations and in the way we look after our clients. Everything that we do reflects this golden standard. 

Get in touch today for the very best help to protect your most valuable assets.

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