Polished Concrete– easy to clean and unbeatably durable

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As a leading provider and installer of HTC Superfloors and SIG colour dye and stain protection systems, we have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on every aspect of your polished concrete floor.

Economical, environmentally friendly, easy to clean and unbeatably durable - HTC Superfloors can be used in a range of industrial and commercial applications including warehousing, retail outlets, showrooms and lobbies.

As approved HTC Superfloor installers, TPS360 uses HTC’s diamond tools in a process that consists of grinding, refinement, impregnation and polishing and it is this highly skilled method that produces the high-gloss finish that characterises a real HTC Superfloor.

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Our polished concrete solutions are installed in a wide variety of applications including: car showrooms, warehouses, manufacturing and assembly facilities, offices, eateries, shopping malls, bakeries and designer homes


Installation method

The HTC Superfloor concrete polishing method involves several steps of grinding using gradually smaller and smaller grit sizes, refinement, impregnation and polishing.


Phase 1:

Before grinding can begin, a walkthrough of the area is performed to check for any metal bolts, debris or protrusions.

When the walkthrough is complete a rough grinding to remove old and dirty coverings is performed. The floor is then vacuumed to remove any particle fragments ready for phase 2


Phase 2:

Phase 2 begins the refining process towards a flat and fine surface. This phase involves two grinding steps to produce a floor with a ground finish, ensuring all paint or sealant has been removed.

All edge work is ground to match the main floor before it is vacuumed to remove any particle fragments.


Phase 3:

Phase 3 essentially repeats the previous grinding process and it is at this stage any repairs to the floor surface are carried out. Any cracks or holes are filled and allowed to dry before being ground to give the same appearance as the rest of the floor.


Phase 4:

In preparation for diamond polishing the floor is hardened with HTC Cure™. HTC Cure™ liquid is applied to the floor in stages, covering a maximum area of 20m2 at a time. When the whole floor has been treated, excess product is wet vacuumed before the floor is left to dry for no less than 8 hours.


Phase 5:

A selection of different tools is used to grind the floor and remove all traces of HTC Cure™ before it is vacuumed to remove fragments and debris in preparation for phase 6.


Phase 6:

Using the same process as the previous stage the floor is ground again. If the floor requires sealing, HTC Stain Protection is applied and left to dry for no less than 2 hours.


Phase 7 & 8:

The floor is ground in stages, each using a progressively finer tool pad until the desired effect has been achieved.

Finally, a Twister pad is used to buff the surface to a high gloss polish - leaving behind a functional, economic and ecological HTC Superfloor™.

All TPS360 polished concrete installation experts carefully follow this procedure to ensure the exceptional qualities that characterise a real HTC Superfloor™.


As an accredited installer, each and every one of our engineers here at TPS360 is fully trained in the HTC installation method and the use of HTC’s grinding and polishing equipment – ensuring you receive the highest quality finish from your floor.

If you require more information or advice on the type of floor you require contact us.


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