Surface Preparation – ready for coatings or screeds

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When specifying floor finishes such as resin flooring systems there are many considerations to be made about the substrate such as its capability to withstand structural, thermal and mechanical stresses.

TPS360 is able to specify and provide the correct preparation method to suit the substrate and floor finish. With our own equipment and FeRFA-trained preparation specialists we provide this service in-house.

Our surface preparation team has the knowledge and expertise to determine the correct methods or combination of methods to prepare your surface and provide the best technical solution ready for surface coatings or screeds.


Vacuum-Assisted Shot Blasting

This system will propel an abrasive at a high velocity from a blast wheel onto the work surfaces. The blasting action is contained within a work chamber fitted with a unique combination of seals which ensure efficient recovery of the abrasive via a separation section to the abrasive storage hopper.

The linked dust collector ensures a dust free operation leaving a textured concrete. The substrate is mechanically prepared and will provide a key to all screeds and toppings. Laitance can be removed to yield a tougher and highly acceptable surface.



This is a system of flails loosely mounted on a rotating drum which hammer and scratch the surface to obtain the desired effect. You can choose from a range of flail types available, and vary their composition, such as: tungsten Carbide Tip flails for roughening and cleaning concrete and asphalt floors; beam flails for the removal of paint coatings; milling flails for soft and hard grade floor materials; star flails for the removal of rust and scale, and square flails for the removal of brittle and hardened coatings.


Diamond Grinding

TPS 360 has invested in the latest diamond grinding technology from HTC. We have a fleet of remote controlled diamond grinding machines in a variety of sizes. These include highly effective rotary preparation machines that leave none of the tram lines, which one can get from the shot blasting process. Low noise levels (64 DB) along with the absence of fumes and dust make it the ideal machine for refurbishment and renovation, offering total reliability following years of development and improvement. An exclusive range of cleaning and grinding heads have been developed to solve the many problems faced on site. This range includes tungsten carbide, diamond and silicon carbide attachments, and the machine can be operated dust-free when connected to a vacuum.


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