What’s so good about resin flooring?

26 June, 2023

When deciding on the right flooring for an industrial or commercial setting, resin flooring is always one of the clear favourites. This is probably because, for most businesses, flooring needs to be adaptable and easy to maintain. After all, the flooring is a vital component of the building at the heart of business operations. Ideally, flooring also needs to be long-lasting in nature and the hard-wearing quality of a resin floor makes it an obvious choice for office space or warehouse flooring.

Where to find the best resin flooring

With all this in mind, we recommend that, before googling ‘resin flooring near me’ the best place to start would be a search for TPS360. If you are looking for credibility, expertise and the ability to get the job done on time and within budget, we are it. With twenty-five years’ experience in the resin flooring industry, our CEO on the board of FeRFA (The Resin Flooring Association), an in-house preparation team and FeRFA-trained installers, we are able to deliver the highest quality and best-value surface solutions. Whatever the scale of the project or however complex the business’ needs, we can offer a full service including help with specification, preparation and installation.

So, what makes resin flooring such a popular choice over other materials?

Well, we don’t want to teach you to suck eggs, but for anyone who hasn’t come across all the fantastic qualities of resin flooring and what a good grounding it gives, here’s a quick rundown:

Resin flooring has a wide range of technical capabilities, such as chemical protection, hygienic protection, and slip protection, as well as being antistatic and conductive. It’s also fast-curing, durable, impact-resistant, can be demarcated, and, to top it all off, has great aesthetics and is flexible.

It’s a distinct advantage for any business to have flooring that doesn’t need to be repainted or redone on an annual basis. This cost reduction makes resin flooring cheap and facilities managers cheerful! A resin floor stands the test of time, resisting the effects of damage from a variety of sources. Furthermore, if the floor is subject to heavy foot traffic from visitors or staff, it can easily be cleaned and maintained.

It is also resistant to chemicals and staining from liquid substances, so it does not lose its quality or appearance. And, because it is moisture-resistant, it’s perfect for the storage of perishable items, so it’s ideal for use in an industrial setting, for manufacturing outlets, and for food and beverage environments.

The perfect solution for food and beverage

Resin flooring really comes into its own when promoting good hygiene in a food production facility. Resin flooring, with all of its protective qualities, provides the perfect solution for any food production business’s warehouse or production operation, putting to bed hygienic concerns tied to the dangerous risk of foodborne illnesses. The fact that foodborne illnesses can lead to recalls and high costs for remediation can be catastrophic for a food manufacturer’s reputation. Resinous flooring is seamless, which eliminates places where contaminants collect and bacteria grow. Because it is formulated for chemical resistance, it can withstand changes in temperatures (hot and cold water cleaning) and won’t break down when exposed to continuous cleaning from chlorine, bleach, and acidic-based cleaners. Resin flooring really is the first-choice floor protection as part of your hygienic production facility.

So, why not get in touch today and let us know what your requirements are? No matter the scale, we are confident that TPS360 can provide and install the resin flooring solution to suit.

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